The Sky Sign Light Grid

The sky sign light grid was created by Tom Foster in 1975.

Tom got the sky sign idea that if the GoodYear Blimp can fly with a light grid to display advertising messages, he could invent a light grid he could attach to his helicopter and make money.  Tom was successful on both.

The light grid is 8x36-feet with 252 BA9 LED lamps and is hard-mounted to the base of the helicopter.  The messages are programmed into a laptop computer.   The words of the messages can  be programmed to flash, scroll or sweep left /right or right/left, and roll up/down or  down/up.

We can also program animated elements such as: Budweiser horse-drawn wagon, beating hearts, starbursts, winking eyes, an accelerating car, a flying airplane, dancing stick figures and more.

The grid is flown 1,000-feet above the ground.  At this altitude, the message is visible and readable within a 3/16-mile radius of a semi-circle.  The estimated maximum capacity of the area of the semi-circle is 50,700 people.

Every mile the helicopter flies, the estimated maximum capacity of the extended halo of the semi-circle is 202,790  people.