SEE, SMILE, SHARE, REMEMBER again, and again, and again, and…..

Spread the word with billboards and banners by SkySign Advertising

Massive billboards can be towed by a helicopter or plane. The sky-high buzzing and whirling sound makes people look skyward. The vivid colors and message keeps their eyes focused on you.

Choose from Billboards, Banners, or Billboards with trailing banner. Not sure which to choose? Call us at (510) 925-0306 to discuss the option that fits you best.

Cut Through the Clutter

The average adult is exposed to over 5,000 ads per day with only 12 of those ads making an impression – be the one that they remember.

High Quality Banner Materials

To maximize your advertising investment, our aerial banners are produced using the highest quality materials available. This gives the banner longer life so it can be used again and again.

Helicopters and Airplanes

We can fly very, VERY large banners across the sky with either a plane or helicopter. We have a wide range of sizes to fit your budget and needs.

Integrate and magnify traditional or digital marketing campaigns

Magnify and measure the impact of your campaign by integrating them together with our Boost program.

Helicopter Aerial Advertising Banner Towing?


Aerial advertising through helicopter banner towing is the only true mass-medium left in a world of fragmentation and diminishing returns.


Businesses have the flexibility to fly in one or multiple markets, simultaneously or in succession. Banners are produced on the highest quality materials, re-usable and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Live GPS tracking is available on request.


Consider these banner-towing statistics. Banners can reach up to…


  • 100,000 commuters on their way to work in one hour

  • 250,000 race fans

  • 100,000+ vacationers at the beach

  • 45,000+ convention attendees entering and departing their venues